23m Gourmet Burgers and Sussex Salad

Delicious full size versions of our Gourmet Burgers with our tasty Salad. The finest Sussex Burgers for your guests during the day or offered later in the evening.


  • This is for a minimum of 50 guests (for more guests see below)
  • 50 Gourmet Sussex Burgers of your choice (e.g  20 Beef, 10 Chicken, 10 Fish, 10 Vegetarian)
  • 50 Portions of seasonal Sussex Salad
  • Served on a recyclable wooden plate with napkins and wooden cutlery
  • From £500 (plus location and set up charge)
  • For more than 50 guests, additional portions of Burgers and Salad are from £9.00 per person up to a total number of 120 guests. For numbers larger than 120 please contact us for more price details.